Ready to see whats possible for you?

I'm Lexi Beal...

And I know EXACTLY why you're here.

You're here because you have a vision.

You have a big beautiful dream that has been on the forefront of your mind for years and you are finally ready to commit to making it a reality. 

You're ready to find clarity, take risks and truly see what is possible for you and your life.

And let me tell you, the possibilities are endless!

You're here because you're ambitious, determined and focused on creating the life that you were meant to have for yourself

So! You' re ready to go, ready to take your life to the next level, but I bet you're asking yourself, "where do I even begin?"

I see this all the time, many women excited and ready to go only to let their old fears, habits and pattens take over and suck them right back into that nice soft, comfy comfort zone where nothing can hurt them. 

Let me tell you, nothing spectacular ever happens in your comfort zone. But you already know that, dont you?

Well, that's where I would love to come in and support you!


Your time to be happy. Your time to find freedom. Your time to focus on YOU.


And your time to create the life that you've always dreamt of having, not tomorrow, not next year... right now.

"Talking to you really helped change my perspective on what it is I want in my life. To think about my future and how it looks. It helped kick my ass into gear and get my shit together." - Client after 1 coaching call

Heres how I can be there for you...

Ok girl, first things first. I need you to take a deep breath.

*inhale* and *exhale*

I know the stress and overwhelm you are going through right now can be a bit crippling at times, but I promise you there is an easier... a MUCH easier way to go about actually taking steps on your goals and dreams, instead of just thinking about doing it.  

For the last year since Lexi Beal Coaching was founded in 2018 (Learn more about Lexi) I have coached many women on turning their scattered, 'do everything all by myself', way of doing things into productive, actionable and results producing steps. 

So, whether you want to take that leap on a new career, build your current business, have more time, more money, more freedom, more happiness, more opportunities.... creating that for yourself does not have to be a miserable and lonely process.

You are not alone. For more support, book your free coaching call with me and together let's really see what's possible for you.

I forget so often to slow it down and honestly without Lexi's strong love I'm not sure I would have made the changes I am clearly SO capable of. I am able to continue to carry the things I have learned with me everyday and that is absolutely priceless.The self discovery has changed my life in ways I'm not sure I will ever be able to explain in words, but for this I owe all my gratitude to Lexi!" -Shannon Nicole

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