Visionary Biz Coach

Heal your mind & inner self to help others grow through your intuitive freedom business.

What's it really costing you to stay unhappy, live small and supress what you truly want in world?

You're feeling...

-Drained and exhausted from making decisions that aren't in alignment with what you need for yourself and your business. Decisions you made out of fear of being judged by others instead of leading with your heart and doing what you knew was best for you

-Overwhelmed, uninspired with zero energy from trying to DO everything and BE everything all hours of the day, everyday

-Disconnected from playing a role of what you think other people want to see in your business

-Tired of overworking and sacrificing your joyful, creative, fun loving, lighthearted nature to "have a successful business"-- you CAN work less, enjoy your life and make more money!

-Highly motivated, but your perfectionist, procrastinator self keeps pulling you back from sharing your amazing story and gifts with the world

-A burning desire for freedom, away from your limiting beliefs, old patterns and stories that keep you from exploring and diving head first into yourself and the Big Vision you have for your life

-Intensely passionate about helping others heal themselves, but have NO clue how to build a business that allows you time for create freedom, guilt free beach days, adventures on a whim, makes an impact AND money from SOUL clients ready to pay your high ticket prices

What's REALLY happening...

-You feel "behind" in your business because you're comparing your journey to everyone else's. You feel isolated and disconnected to what makes you unique and stand out in your field because you're trying to fit a certain mold of what you "think" running a business should look like, sound like, be like to everyone else. Your unique personal story, BIG dreaming, nature loving, human connecting and soul enriching qualities are the foundations for what makes you stand out and feel fucking GOOOOOD -- this is your purpose and this is how you were destined to make money!



-You're your own worst critic. You're constantly questioning your judgement, attaching your worth to the outcomes that happen (or don't happen) and relying on external factors make you feel proud and worthy. You weren't put on this earth play small, you are here to learn how to be compassionate with yourself, be who you are unapologetically and recognize all the amazing unique qualities that you bring to the table.

-You're chronically overworking out of guilt of not "doing enough". You see everyone else doing all the things in their businesses, so why wouldn't you? You stare at your computer screen for 8 hours a day, creating all the content, doing outreach, trainings, lead magnets, growing your following, stressing about how to get clients, never seeing daylight, one day off a week (maybe) and doing a bunch of  "busy work" that results in you hearing crickets. 

- You've formed coping mechanisms like codependency and people pleasing to deal with the judgements and opinions of others and how THEY think you should live your life. Shoving down all your thoughts and feelings so you don't hurt someone else's. Woman, FUCK PEOPLE PLEASING! It's time to allow yourself to create NEW boundaries and quality beliefs within yourself so that YOU feel validated and worthy despite whatever circumstances are happening around you.

-You're done burning yourself out and self sacrificing for nothing in return. You're ready and excited to take charge, build YOUR ideal schedule that feels aligned for you around all the things that bring you joy, with guilt free days off and makes you money from an inspired, value packed, helpful place!

You're ready to help people grow with your fun loving, creative, intuitive self. You're tired of fighting to grow your business in a way that leaves you feeling uninspired and empty. You're longing for freedom to have an adventurous, abundant life around the ideal schedule YOU want to have. To share your unique story and experiences that show what IS possible if you have the belief that anything is. Let's build your intuitive freedom business to take you from feeling fearful and insufficient, to excited, inspired and powerful to show up, serve and receive!

Hey! I'm Lexi Beal...

Your mind healing, handstand loving, adventure having Biz Coach!

Honest truth... it wasn't until 2 years ago that making money, REAL money around the things I was most passionate about became an actual thought in my brain. Before that, the possibility of doing such thing, or even thinking such thing was pretty much non existent. 

I realized that much like myself in that moment that so many people are stuck in a cycle of feeling like they have only 2 options in life.

ONE - Work a job you're NOT passionate about, on someone else's schedule, working a ridiculous amount of hours and make "decent" money that you can't really use because you don't have the time to do anything with it anyways. Or...

TWO - Work a job you love that helps others, but "accept" the fact that you are going to be broke forever because "you didn't get into this job to make money."

BULL! I am here to tell you that you do not have to choose between THIS or THAT.


I am passionate about helping others realize what's ACTUALLY possible and step up into their purpose - the creative, self healing, mind expanding, BIG VISION leadership role they are meant to be in. I support high achieving coaches, healers, teachers, creative entrepreneurs of all kinds to rise above their limiting beliefs, release resistance and receive wealth through enjoying life and helping others with their unique gifts. Why?

Because I've been EXACTLY where you are right now...

Hell, if you saw me just 5 short years ago, you wouldn't even recognize the person standing in front of you. I was nothing but low energy, depressed, consistently putting myself in emotionally belittling relationships, a relentless victim to my own circumstances and heavy long time alcoholic. Can you say hot mess? Hello, yes that was me.

I grew up in West Covina, California with my parents and brother. My childhood was a little different than most considering I was a full time competitive gymnast for many years, but so thankful for my background because I don’t know where I would be today without it.

I always felt like the black sheep of my family. I liked to keep to myself, I was stubborn and very opinionated. I struggled throughout my teens all the way through to my early 20s. I found myself in so many jobs that I knew would never fulfill the lack of purpose I felt, but I damn sure tried. From being a Hooters girl, to a server/ bottle service girl to a bartender, I had found the perfect jobs to distract me from having to worry about everything that was going on inside of me. Working all the late night shifts til 1am, then immediately heading over to Downtown Fullerton to get as wasted as I could until 2 am, then go to a friends house to do the same until the sun came up before I drove home to sleep the rest of the day. And repeat. But hey! At least I made good tips right?

I never really had any sense of purpose until I found my way back to gymnastics, only this time not as a gymnast, but as a coach. 


I loved every moment of it. FINALLY I had found something that I was actually good at. It was my ONE thing, so in my mind I had found my life long career and was prepared to be there forever. I proved to myself that I could commit, work really hard and excel in anything that I set my mind too and let me tell you, that's when I realized, coaching was in my blood! Unfortunately, and with a heavy heart I made the conscious decision to leave that job after 3 years. I left for both personal and financial reasons because I knew that job was not a sustainable one. 

Working 30+ hours, 7 days a week, coaching recreational and competitive gymnastics to over 100 kids weekly between the ages 12mo  - 12yo at $12 an hour. I remember taking naps on my lunch break in the kids room when I could because driving home wasn't an option. My paychecks were always under $600 every 2 weeks unless I did extra birthday parties and special events on the weekends.

SO there I was after thinking I had my life all figured out, only to have to start completely over again at 25 years old.

From that moment on I knew that I never wanted to work for anyone else, on anyone elses schedule, or have to beg or trade more of my time for money ever again. I was done having to choose between this or that. I struggled for a little while, went back to bartending to support myself until I found out what I was going to do.


Things got better in 2016, when I met my current partner. We got sober together (It'll be 4 years this August 2020) traveled, got skydiving licenses, I got my Yoga Certification, quit bartending and moved to San Diego! It was a fresh start and I was excited to work for myself as a Yoga Teacher!

Even after all that progress, I struggled immensely in the first 2 years of living in San Diego. I scrambled being a Yoga Teacher, so I had to take whatever I could get. This included me working as a CrossFit coach, Gymnastics coach, doing corporate Yoga and private sessions along side the 3 other gyms and studios I was working at. I found myself settling and grasping for whatever I could find just so I could barely pay my basic bills. Although I knew I loved coaching, I felt confused and so far off my path. Knowing my career in this field was another dead end was a tough pill to swallow.

Not very long after, it clicked for me. I remember thinking "Why can't I have it all?" and "Who the fuck put me in the category of people who can't make an impact or money helping others through my purpose?"

Right then and there I set out to begin my online journey in August of 2018 and at the same time went to school to receive my Sound Healing Certification to help people heal themselves through sound. This was a transformational time for me. I was so ready to help people on a deeper level. And launching my 2nd online course that first year really cemented that in completely for me. It was the first time I added meditation, sound healing practices and 1:1 coaching into my program. I was hooked!

After a full 12 months I was able to work for myself full time. I'll never forget the day when I signed my very first 1:1 client and received the first payment. I remember calculating how many yoga classes I would have to teach in order to make that kind of money and it was MONTHS worth of classes. I was ecstatic.


Today, I have own Intuitive Freedom Business. I have my own schedule that is ideal to the fluid and fun life I wish to live. I have a beautiful 4 hour morning routine full of movement, meditation, coffee, relax and TV time with my partner. All the time for sun, beach and handstands whenever I want for however long I want. And an amazing tribe of SOUL clients wanting to help others heal with their knowledge, gifts and unique story as well.

Now, I want to share and guide you in building your own Intuitive Freedom Business so you can finally live life on your own terms! Together we'll build your creative, BIG VISION dream life and business so you can step into the highest version of yourself, feel fulfilled and actually enjoy your life!


I'm here for you! Let's work together on...

- Understanding YOUR ultimate vision. I know you've shoved down for far too long what you really wish to create because too many people have told you you were thinking unrealistically or just flat out crazy, but I'm here to tell you nothing you dream up is too big. We'll dive deep into the visionary story of all that you want your life to be. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to bring that dream into fruition. From there we'll help you build an intentional, vibrant business that helps others and heals you from your old, limiting patterns and beliefs.

- Learning to distinguish your WORK days from you OFF days. Together we'll map out and organize your business around your specific goals and all the fluid, fun, pleasurable activities and rituals that light you up, so that you are living your ideal freedom schedule without all the guilt. I'll guide you so you can show up more inspired, happy and organically productive in a smaller amount of time. Say goodbye to "splicing" tiny amounts of time here and there (maybe) for the things that bring you joy.

- Authenticity, understanding your unique story, talents, gifts and significant moments in life that make you who you are and separate you from everyone else. I'll guide you in finding what makes you unique and sharing it in a way that creates highly motivated and coachable SOUL clients!

- Genuine Worth Breakthroughs. I'll guide you in recognizing and breaking down your codependent tendencies, old patterns and belief systems so you can operate as your highest self, without all the resistance and external validation. To show up within your business feeling confident in who you are, what you do and how you make an IMPACT. I'll support you in moving your mind away from unworthiness, lack and insufficiency and into gratitude and abundance. It's time for you to recognize all the amazing qualities that you bring to the table, see the value in what you have to offer and charge what your actually worth from that space so you can finally live the life you've only just been dreaming about!

Learn to build your Intuitive Freedom Business like the Visionary Leader that you are!

The Visionary Program: Intuitive Freedom Business Coaching 

I will help you intentionally grow your business and receive all the things like the intuitive soul that you are! We'll break down your resistance and fears around showing up and stepping into your highest boss babe self. You'll learn to equally give and receive all things love, happiness, money and freedom! You will walk away with a personalized Intuitive Freedom Business completely unique to you!

In the Visionary Program, you'll learn how to get clear on the creative, adventurous, lighthearted freedom life you desire and build a lucrative and sustainable business around that!


- Visualize and uncover every detail of your dream and ultimate lifestyle that you wish to lead. Diving deep into what success looks like for you.

- Understand and design a plan around your heart centered purpose... your WHY. 

- Breaking down and setting goals that continually contribute to your bigger vision.


- Uncover what makes you YOU and stepping into the powerful human that you are. Learn to share your unique story, gifts and knowledge that deeply resonates and organically draws people in.


- Learn your true manifestation powers through the magic of allowing, not forcing.

- Release your feelings of "sleaze" around selling and learn to sell in a way that is in genuine service and support to others. 

- Build your SOUL client avatar around the highly motivated people YOU want to work with.

- Learn to show up on authentically on social media as approachable, but also a specialist in your field!


-Learn key practices to help you reprogram your subconscious mind and align your heart and soul with it. You can use these practices forever to overcome old beliefs and keep showing up as your HIGHEST SELF!

- Create healthy boundaries, have courageous conversations and learn to make decisions out of love, not fear. 

- Learn how to be in integrity and embody fully the healer, coach, teacher, creative entrepreneur you wish to be. That means talking the talk AND walking the walk. (Yes, even when no one is watching)

- Learn how to overcome objections. No longer project your fears and limiting beliefs onto potential clients, but rather come from a place of gratitude and enoughness to be able to serve fully without all the mind drama in the background.

- Unblock your uncertainty and overwhelm to build the beautiful intuitive freedom business that will grow and expand with you over time. 


- Discover the key to working smarter not harder!


- Release the need to be "busy" all the time. Take back control of your life by creating and organizing your goals into simple, actionable steps that consistently progress you forward.

-Build your ideal freedom schedule that allows you to work WHEN and HOW you want so you're no longer having to sacrifice your health and happiness in the process. (lets get you working less and living more!)

- Have the freedom to live your life the way YOU want. Be location independent, with GUILT free days off, spur of the moment adventures and all the time for activities and the people you love most!

YES Please!

"Where do I start?"

This 1:1 Coaching Program is for highly motivated people who are ready to step out of fear and playing small to rise into being an INFLUENTIAL and HEALING intuitive soul.

Let's connect for a Visionary Clarity Meeting via Zoom to discuss your biggest challenges in building up your Intuitive Freedom Business, uncover your true purpose of what you really wish to create and find out if were a good fit to work with one another! If that sounds good to you - Book your Visionary Clarity Meeting by clicking the button below!

What does the Visionary Program Include?

Over the course of the 1:1 Coaching Program, you will get...

- VISION Retreat Day (In Person): This day is all about Y O U fully allowing yourself to be in the space of receiving. It's a full 6 hour day of coaching where we will go over all the topics discussed in the strategy session previous to this day. During the full day of coaching all expenses will be paid for by me. Breakfast, lunch and a 60 minute, face or body massage of your choice. If client is unable to do in person then the VISION Retreat Day will be done online.

- Bi- Weekly, 75 minute Zoom Video Sessions where we will focus on the Ultimate Vision you have for your life, breaking down your limiting beliefs and building your Unique Freedom Business. Your first session will be 90 minutes to create your Kickoff Coaching Day's Program and Focus.

- 30 minute "Crisis Calls" for emergencies or moments when you feel you need extra support!

- Access to daily support, personal and audio messaging for level up coaching in between sessions. I'll always be there to guide you in building your biz, emotional support, encouragement and keep you accountable when you need an extra push!

- Weekly action steps and resources customized to your unique needs and preferences to continually create breakthrough moments that keep you moving forward!

- (1), 45 minute check in session 1 month after your program finishes to discuss how your Intuitive Freedom Business is running and continue to give you support to keep growing!

Taking part in the Visionary Program is not a cross your fingers and hope for the best kinda thing. It is an investment in your business and living your most authentic, purposeful, abundant life. Building your Intuitive Freedom Biz requires commitment to doing the deep internal work and taking consistent heart led, inspired action. To help others grow with your amazing gifts, just by being and sharing EXACTLY who you are. If you know this is you wholeheartedly, let's make it happen!

Your Investment 

3 Month

Jump Start Visionary Program:

$5,000 Pay in Full


$1,997/ Month for 3 months 


6 Month

Deep Dive Visionary Program:

$6,750 Pay in Full


$1,300/ Month for 6 months

Join the Rising Visionary Facebook group to be surrounded by like minded, highly ambitious creative entrepreneurs. A safe place to talk, ask questions and receive daily support in building your businesses and creating the unique abundant lifestyle you want to have.

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