Coaching determined and committed women with VISION see what is possible for them and finally create the beautiful life they are destined to have.

Are You Tired Of...

  • NOT taking action on the life you are meant to have for yourself?

  • Just moving through life with no sense of purpose or passion?

  • Constantly being a victim to your circumstances?

  • Allowing your feelings of depression, anxiety, laziness, lack of motivation, fear of failure and overwhelm run your life?

  • Trying to make everyone else around you happy instead of spending time doing what truly lights your soul on fire?

  • Just existing day after day instead of TRULY living on purpose?

Are You ABSOLUTELY Ready and Committed To...

  • Dream BIGGER and work harder than you ever have before?

  • Following through and showing up for yourself each and EVERY day, no matter what struggles and challenges are thrown your way?

  •  ​Dive deep into the root causes (past experiences, fears, self criticisms and other damaging thoughts) of what is holding you back from reaching your full potential and living that ultimate vision you have for you life?

  • Taking radical action towards your goals each and every day?

  • Throwing away all negative influences in your life that are not serving you?

  • Throwing away ALL excuses why you think can't?

  • Taking back TOTAL control of your health, your happiness and YOUR LIFE?!

Working With Lexi.

I am a RADICAL life coach...

Therefore I am looking for radical clients!

I am being 100% honest with you that working with me will not be a walk in the park.

I am NOT here to sugar coat ANYTHING for you.

If you are looking for someone to just vent all your problems and excuses to, then I am NOT the coach for you.

I am here to help you make major transformations in your life.

I am here to help you dive deep - learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

I am here to help you get CLEAR on your goals and accomplish the hell out of them!

will teach you to TAKE RISKS and handle any outcome.

I will show you just how powerful you truly are when you can learn to have absolute unwavering faith in yourself that you can achieve anything you set your mind too. 


Are You Ready?

1:1 Coaching Program

There is no question that you are going to experience REAL and authentic coaching from me.

The tools I use are the basis for all my coaching, but no one session or client is the same.

All sessions will be uniquely tailored specifically to each client and their specific needs.

Ultimate Lifestyle

  • Being able to visualize every detail of your dream and ultimate lifestyle.

  • Getting CLEAR on your goals and why you have them.

  • Understanding and designing a plan around your purpose... your WHY.

Personal & Spiritual Growth

  • Mindset reset - Reversing preconceived notions and old ways of thinking.

  • Purging negative influences, habits & excuses keeping you from progressing.

  •  Upgrading to that self loving, action taking, Boss B*tch status! 

Radical Action

  • ​Dumping the old model of staying in stuck in the "comfort zone" - Adopting NEW model of taking risks and breaking through.

  • Creating actionable steps for a day to day basis as well as steps for your BIGGER picture.

  • No more being busy just for the sake of being busy - Learn to work smarter NOT harder.


  • Be held accountable by Lexi Beal to make sure you get your sh*t done!

  • Learn to hold yourself accountable and create consistent motivation even when in a funk.​

  • Build a community of accountability partners and strong like minded people to help you continue to thrive!

Stepping In

  • Learn to fully step in to your purpose, your potential, YOUR POWER.

  • Create healthy boundaries and learn to make decisions out of love, not fear.

This Program Is For You If...

  • You're absolutely done feeling like shit day after day and are ready to make a radical change.

  • You're ambitious, determined and prepared to take your goals, your dreams & your life to the next level.

  • You're adaptable and able to take constructive criticism.

  • You're 100% COMMITTED to doing the work and turning your vision into reality!

1:1 Program Includes...

  • VISION RETREAT DAY - A full day of coaching with me either in person or online.

  • Bi-Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions in person or online, first session 90 min.

  • Personal Messaging & Emails Access for coaching in-between sessions.

  • Tickets to my upcoming workshops in 2020.

  • Additional Resources: PDF's, Ebooks, Blog posts, Podcasts, Access to my courses and more...

Program Investment...

1:1 Coaching Programs:


3 Months - $3,800

6 Months - $5,250

*Spaces available through application ONLY, please apply below*

**Payment plans available**


"I walked into the meeting and killed it, just the way I needed to. The fact that you believe in me so strongly that you can get me where I need to go, and catch my vision and can help it manifest is so incredibly contagious... I walked into the meeting with more confidence for that exact reason." - Margaret Redman after first call

"I had to walk into my business with a strong sense of self and this program has helped me set the tone for positive growth.... it was really helpful in structuring my day, moving forward with tasks, and continuing to support myself through any setbacks." - Laurelin Hefter

"Honestly my life has changed so much since working with you and I could not be more grateful. I have never been better and honestly so full of love and pure bliss its indescribable. I got a better job with more pay, more opportunity and more flexibility. My mind, my home and my heart are so full and peaceful sometimes it makes me want to cry. I feel like an addict getting out of rehab with a clear head again! And my addiction was stress." -Shannon Nicole

"Honestly this program has truly been helping me change my life, it feels kind of silly since its only been a week, but Lexi you are such a kick ass mentor and truly inspire me to be my best self. Thank you." -Michelle Travis

"The goal setting is what really got me to where I'm at. Before my goals were just goals, no dates, no steps, and without that your goal is just a dream.. NOT anymore! Not only did I grow in my business, but I've developed a healthy diet and exercise routine thanks to the workouts and yoga videos Lexi has provided! Thanks to this program I was able to expand my business and now I'm headed for my own little suite!" -Ana Hernandez

"Thank you so much for everything. I feel so much stronger and I love this feeling. I will definitely tell people about you, your work is amazing!" -Stacey Bobadilla

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