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You’ve made it,


You’ve checked off all the boxes, done all the "right" things, achieved all (or some) success and yet…


For some reason there is still that lingering feeling within you that is saying “is this really it?”


We’ve been brought up in a world that tells us that what you have, your possessions + accumulations are what equate to success. 


Not how fulfilled, happy and content you are. 


We’ve been told to be realistic. 


To play it safe. 


To follow the steps, put your head down, work hard and one day you when you’ve completely exhausted yourself, THEN you can go and enjoy your life.


Well I’m throwing up a giant middle finger to all of that.


When was the last time you actually sat in silence to reflect on what was most important to you?


When was the last time you allowed yourself to really DREAM, or follow those tiny impulses calling you in a certain direction?


When was the last time you felt a joyfully overwhelming sense of well-being and connectedness to your SELF?


What I’ve seen with a lot of my clients is a disconnect in either 1 (or all) of 4 specific areas. 


In the THINKING - being driven by obsessive thoughts of inadequacy, perfectionism, criticism, self judgement and what other people (family, colleagues, partners, etc.) think is best.


The FEELING - experiencing low frequency emotions and energy, burn out, uncertainty, stress, anxiety, resentment and an overall sense of unfulfillment.


The BEING - self censorship and feeling unable to change in any way or embody the fullest expression of who they are/ who they WANT to be within.

And The DOING - creating, producing, taking action from a place of force, hyperactivity and needing to prove oneself. Or on the opposite side of the spectrum, inaction (lack of action), avoidance, feeling stuck or frozen.


When our whole lives are dictated by how much we DO or how much we have, it can be challenging to step away from all the noise, distractions, demands and pressures from the people in our lives to focus on our OWN needs.


But 99.99% of the time.


Thats exactly what is most needed and MOST transformational.


By coming back into the fully integrated human you are within and understanding your own inherent value to transcend new levels of growth, you must learn to align your own inner compass through restoring all aspects of the SELF as one.


When all of these aspects of yourSELF are in harmony with one another you become a portal for receiving all things connection, joy, creativity, innovation, opportunity, wealth, fulfillment, a deep sense of well-being and so much more…


Which is why I’ve created a very pragmatic and profound system that focuses on what I call,

The 4 Unions of SELF.


Where we bring deep awareness and connection to the Mind (thinking), Heart (feeling), Spirit (being) + Body (doing) aspects that drive our experiences and how we live on a daily basis.

The 4 Unions of SELF.png

Mind (Thinking):

  • Understanding your inherent worthiness.

  • Learn to identify your non serving subconscious beliefs and behavioral patterns that keep you from playing at your fullest potential. 

  • Learn to switch listen to the voice of wisdom within you, your inner guidance system.

  • Create healthy boundaries, have courageous conversations and learn to make decisions out of love, not fear. 

  • Learn to believe in who you are and what you do so deeply, that you are completely unattached to the outcomes or possible rejection.

Heart (Feeling):

  • Learn tools to shift your current energy in your mind and body to one of harmony and balance.

  • Learn to master your energy, find connection and deep understanding of your emotions so you can operate at higher levels of consciousness

  • Have full understanding of the things you CAN control-- thoughts, words, feelings, actions + release the need to control the things you cant.

  • Uncover ways to tap into your creativity and brilliance through the art of slowing down and listening.

  • Learn to create a better relationship with yourself, understand what you value most so you can live and act from a fulfilled place in all areas of your life.

Spirit (Being):

  • Visualize and uncover every detail of your dream and ultimate lifestyle you wish to lead. Diving deep into what success looks like for you.

  • Understand and design a plan around your deeper meaning, your WHY.

  • Visualize a clear picture of your future self and how you can step into being that person now.

  • Uncover your authentic personal power and how you wish to influence and serve others.

  • Learn to let go of all the "how's" and step into deep trust and KNOWING that everything can and will flow through and to you. 

Body (Doing):

  • Discover your own unique ways to inspire through service, innovation and conscious leadership thats always positively impacting your bottom line.

  • Learn to play BIG and take the courageous actions necessary to create the success and outcomes you desire to have-- To take aligned action from a place of empowerment, willingness, compassion and flow.

  • Learn to be in integrity at all times and embody your future self. (learning to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk as well).


What does the Wealth Through Self Program Include?

Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions:

There will be 12, 60 minute Zoom Video Sessions where we will focus on the specific goals and dreams you have for your life, whilst working through the challenges and resistance that keep you living and playing small

WhatsApp Support:

You will receive access to additional coaching in between sessions. I'll always be there to guide you through your work via emotional processing, encouragement, innovation and to keep you accountable when you need an extra push!


You will get access to your own Asana Board where everything from our can be in one organized place. Within the board there will be your action steps, resources and inspiration customized to your unique needs and preferences to continually create breakthrough moments that keep you moving forward!

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