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Aug 30 & 31 @ 11am - 12:30pm CST


Virtual Event



Time & Location

Aug 30 & 31 @ 11am - 12:30pm CST

Virtual Event

About the Event

The wild playful spirit within you has been domesticated long enough.

You feel it.

Your brain is in a constant tail spin of thoughts.

“I should”

“I have to”

“I’m too much/ not enough”

Meanwhile your body is numb and you don’t even know it.

When you spend 99% of your time living in your head, you forget that you actually live. in. a. body.

Your body is what houses your deepest truths and power.

Your curiosity.

Your hunger.

Your visceral urge to open into becoming the radically liberated and expressed version of you.

Not your mind.

In this Masterclass we’ll open your body to experience direct guidance from you, your guides, your ancestors.

I’m here to give you the door to experience your rawness, your bigness, your confidence, your truth; 

An entirely new side of yourself you have yet to experience.

I’m here to give you relief from the weight of being “good”, “acceptable,” “pretty”

And more energy to spend on creation, your art, being in community, fostering your younger self and celebrating life.

I’m here to give you permission to embrace the rewilding, and awaken the “too much” that lies within.

Lasting transformation and change can ONLY happen once something is truly experienced in the body.

It cannot stay in the mind, stirring in logic.

It must land in the body.

It must be felt.

And creating that requires sounding, feeling, moving, experiencing.

Being in PRESENCE with YOU.

Your truth. Your voice. You body. Your expression.

You’ve been shutting down your movements, your sounds and uninhibited sensations for far too long.

IGNITE is the permission to safely free up your body, let the inhibitions melt away and fully LIVE IN SENSATION.

Live in the motherfuckin’ frequency of FREEDOM.

To the women who are ready to become the most holy sensual, wild and playful versions of themselves every single day,

This Masterclass is for you.





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