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Feb 2 & 3 @ 11am - 12:30pm CST


Virtual Event

The Body Weave Masterclass

The Body Weave Masterclass
The Body Weave Masterclass

Time & Location

Feb 2 & 3 @ 11am - 12:30pm CST

Virtual Event

About the Event

For all the wild and passionate women out there keeping the depths of who they are a well kept secret.

I see you. I feel you. I hear you.

Because I was you.

I know what it’s like to feel trapped within the cage of whats acceptable. Presentable. Palatable.

Abandoning and suffocating anything about yourself that could be perceived as “too much” by anyone.

Forever walking the tight rope of “just enough”

To be the good little girl everyone expects you to be.

And yet,

I can feel a curiosity. An opening thats happening within you.

In fact, I can feel the frequency of something even more potent,

A hunger.

A visceral urge to deepen into your own body, pleasure and LUST for a fully expressed life.

To feed the parts of you that are starving for your attention.

And starving for the space to radically and unapologetically be, express, vocalize, sound and move through you.

This is permission for the uninhibited and unrepressed woman thats lives within you to come forward.

For her voice,

Her desire,

Her truth,

To be liberated, seen, felt, and heard.

In this workshop we will explore the delicate process of holding yourself in your vulnerability as you uncover the deeply rooted and inherent power you hold within.

There is such a tenderness in being with the parts of yourself that you’ve been taught to abandon all these years.

If you are feeling that urge to join me in this 2 day Masterclass,

It's because you know you are a powerful being who is ready to deepen into the next layer of unapologetic expression, pleasure, desire, feeling and BEING.

To unlock the last bits of what your nice, polite good girl wants to keep chained down.

As women we’ve been taught to fear our desire, fear our voices, fear our raw and primal expression.

Because if we were to access the great power that lives within us,

This world would be a completely different place.

To the women who are ready to BE the most HOLY sensual and embodied versions of themselves every single fucking day,

This Masterclass is for you.





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