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Are You An Inspiration Junkie?

Let’s dig into how you can INSPIRE yourself every single day

Inspiration is like a drug.

Ok a little dramatic, but hear me out.

As a former addict myself, it's important to understand that addiction doesn't only just apply to drugs or alcohol.

People can be addicted to:

> Stress.

> Validation.

> Coffee.

> Sugar.

> And YES even inspiration.

People tend to look for inspiration everywhere they can.

It's like a high.

And typically every time you start to feel down or unmotivated, you need another hit or dose of inspo.

And just like any other addiction,

Over time you need more of it and MORE OFTEN to get you going.

~ Reading more self help books.

~ Find more affirmations.

~ Watching more videos.

~ Following more inspiring people on IG.

And don't get me wrong.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel inspired, but what makes it even GREATER and more effective when it is followed by doing something with it.

AKA - taking action.

I mean, can you think of a few times where you went to a workshop, event or retreat where you felt SO amazing after...

And when you left you were ready to take on the world, only for it to fade away a few days later?

Inspiration and the enthusiasm around that inspiration, has a HALF LIFE.

Meaning it goes away over time.

So at what point do you stop looking for inspiration from everyone else and start finding what truly inspires your inner fire day in and day out into going for the things you want?

When do you realize that YOU are the only inspiration you need to call in everything you want for your life?

When are you going to realize that you have everything you need within you right now to make it happen?

I want to leave you with this one question..

What inspires YOU into ACTION?

Because knowing this for yourself, WILL give you a better idea of what inspires OTHERS into taking action.

Hint hint.

You feel me?

Think about it.

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Your Biz Coach Lexi


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