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How To Grow From Discomfort

Your ability to grow lies within the things you really REALLY don’t want to do.

It’s easy to read a book, do a worksheet or journal prompt on your limiting beliefs and behaviors.

The hard part is applying those things in REAL life.

That IS the actual work.

For example: If you are having money blocks.

Yes, the first step would be to identify the thoughts around money for you, but what really cements everything in is applying it in real time.

What do I mean by that you’re probably wondering.

Let me explain...

The actual work you need to do to clear up those blocks around money would be (for example):

On a sales call when someone tells you they “don’t have the money right now”.

Or the next time you’re avoiding checking your bank account.

Or the next time you go to swipe your CC on something you know you don’t need to buy.

The work is IN those moments when you can:

>> Notice the thoughts and feelings that are coming up.

>> Allowing them to be there.

>> And then STAYING with the discomfort you feel as you make a decision that hopefully your future self will thank you for.


Throwing yourself into the very thing that makes you uncomfortable, awkward, nervous as all hell.

Doing all the worksheets means nothing, ZERO, zilch, if you can't apply those practices in real time and in real life.

That's just being lazy.

Don't be lazy with your thought work.

Cuz that shit is important friends.

If you are feeling ready to dive into the REAL work required to achieve that big beautiful vision you have for yourself, then time to suck it up and throw yourself into whatever that thing is that you are avoiding right now.

You got this.

So go handle it!


Your Biz Coach Lexi


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