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How to Have the Courage to go After Your Dreams

You get ONLY what you have the courage to ask for.

What is it that separates the successful, soulful leaders from everyone else?

To put it simply.


Courage to be themselves and risk reputation.

Courage to challenge the ordinary.

Courage to put their ideas out into the world regardless of outcome or rejection.

But most importantly.

Courage to challenge their OWN beliefs.

Courage to think differently… ON PURPOSE!

Can you guess how much skill, talent or effort it requires to fall back into old ways of thinking?

You ready?


It’s too easy.

And no matter how painful those beliefs may be,

No matter how much they hinder your growth…

Most continue believing them anyways because it’s what “feels safe”.

Soulful leaders don’t do what they do so they can “feel safe”.

They do what they do so they can BE successful and make the world a better place to be.

I’m calling on you.

The COURAGEOUS, soulful leader is ready to take the next step in reaching new levels of success.

I'm here to support you in:

>> Being courageous in your work.

>> Going all in on your dreams.

>> Challenging the ordinary by breaking out of societal norms and how things “should” be.

>> Taking risks. More specifically, emotional risks. The kind of risks that put you in a place of discomfort where you are required to stretch yourself and be unattached to all possible outcomes; whether it be exactly what you wanted, or exactly what you didn’t want.

And most importantly,

I’ll support you in learning to challenge your own beliefs, think differently and create a NEW default system that empowers you every step of the way.

The time to work with me is now.

If you’re ready to dive into bringing out the courageous leader within you,

Then message me to learn about my 1:1 Wealth Through Self Program, where in my 6 month coaching container we’ll do exactly that.

ONLY the courageous need inquire.


Your Biz Coach Lexi


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