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How To Set Boundaries To Protect Your Peace

The phrase “set boundaries” and “protect your energy” gets thrown around a lot, but do we REALLY know how to actively do this?

Although our boundaries may evolve and change over time, it’s an important way to build trust in ourselves and with others by setting boundaries and sticking to them.

What I want to acknowledge that supporting someone (clients, employees, friendships, partner, family, etc) through their challenges does NOT mean you have to:

  • Put in ALL of your time, energy + effort into helping them.

  • It is not your job to play superhero or be “the fixer” for them.

  • If this is something you find you are currently working through, it's all good.

...welcome to being human!

When these boundaries get crossed it’s typically because you have unintentionally established yourself as the person that people can vent all of their problems too.

Please don’t beat yourself up over this, we’ve all done it.

Here are 2 tips to figure out where and how you can establish boundaries in your life:

Awareness: What is the issue + where is it stemming from?

Be willing to have a conversation with this person.

Instead of being the person who is jumping to the rescue, flip it on them.

Let them know how grateful you are that they feel comfortable enough to talk to you about everything, but what is the intention for that conversation?

Ask them what they are struggling with + what they need from you so you can help them find a solution that works best.

It’s important for your people to learn how to work through their own challenges as well as learn how to ask for support in a constructive way.

P.S. YES. There is always a time + a place for venting.

BUT… and that is a HUGE BUT!

If it is robbing you of your precious time + energy, then something needs to change.

Protect your energy.

You only have a limited amount each day.

So please make sure you are saving it for the things that bring you the most joy + get you closer to the life you want for yourself.

If you need help setting boundaries and connecting your mind, body and soul to achieve more peace and abundance in your life, then I encourage you to fill out my 1:1 coaching application here.

I can’t wait to help you TRANSFORM your life.


Your Coach Lexi


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