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Let Go and Trust the Process

Growing pains are necessary in life and business

Do not rush the process of your own growth.

So many people are quick to jump from one thing to the next, to the next, to the next…

To find that next “fix”.

But when you do,

You miss all the lessons, experiences + insight that you are supposed to learn along the way.

How can you receive what you need to grow if you constantly rush past without a second glance?

Those growing pains, harsh lessons and experiences are what shape WHO YOU ARE.

They are the very things you need to become better each and every day.

Have patience.

If there is anything you can think of right now that you are trying to skip past,

Can you allow yourself to sit with it a little longer so you can receive all that you need to receive from it?

It is truly a special thing when I speak with someone who trusts in their ability to make something happen even when they have no proof or certainty.

That is everything.

If you’re looking for certainty that something is going to work out,

Then you’re going to be waiting a lifetime.

As a coach, I can believe in your potential all I want.

I can frequently reassure you of the possibilities that lay before you all I want,

But what I cannot give you is the belief + trust in YOURself.

That has to come on your own.

No amount of outside factors telling you how awesome you are is going to make you feel awesome unless you believe it for yourself.

I can see you for the person I KNOW you can become.

Time for you to see that too.

That inner knowing is there, deep within you...

If you’re ready to bring it to the surface then message me privately or book your 1:1 no obligation Breakthrough call HERE and we'll make it happen.


Your Biz Coach Lexi


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