• Lexi Beal

Tips on How to Start Yoga!

Its my favorite thing when people tell me they want to start yoga. It has honestly changed my life and I know it can be so beneficial to anyone who starts.

Ok so here we go!

1. Just start. That’s it. You can start anywhere. Sun Salutations is the absolute first thing you should learn when beginning a Yoga practice.

Also, do some research on different yoga studios around you. Talk to people, read reviews, take classes, find a teacher you really connect with. If you just settle for the first studio you try and the people, teachers and all around vibe don't resonate with you, then it'll be really easy for you to lose interest and never go back.


If yoga studios are not an option there’s always gyms which are a little less intimidating for beginners and sometimes cheaper.


Or start at home! Save money, be comfortable, stay in your PJ's and find a yoga channel you like on YouTube and start there. There are millions of hours of FREE videos on there including on my channel (Lexi Beal) so make sure to go subscribe!☺️🙌🏼

But whatever you decide just start! That first step is always the hardest part.

2. Don’t stress. Yoga is supposed to take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Doesn’t matter if you’re not flexible, if you're an absolute beginner, if you have injuries or whatever else...Those things are EXACTLY the reason you go to Yoga!

Remember to just be there for YOU and accept where you are in your practice.

3. Be patient. I cannot stress this enough!

Yoga, meditation, stretching is a looooooooong process, you’re not going to be an expert over night. It takes time, so again accept where you are in your practice.

4. And lastly! Enjoy the process. Yoga is not always meant to be this crazy gnarly workout all the time... before you start decide how you’re feeling that day physically, mentally, emotionally and base your practice off of that. Sometimes it may be an hour long yoga session or sometimes it might be a 10 minute one. As long as your practicing thats all that matters.

Either way just enjoy the process, theres no rush to the finish line.

Hope this helps!

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