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Why Strategy Isn’t The ONLY Thing You Need to Reach Your Goals

I despise the word strategy.

There I said it.

Now let me explain...

lexi beal

Everywhere you look this is being preached left and right by every person in the coaching industry as the THING you need in order to achieve success.

Don’t get me wrong there are so many wonderful business strategists out there, but there is SO much more to achieving success than just the step by step, blueprint strategy.

Honestly, the amount of messages I receive from people who have ALL the right strategies, but still can’t seem to make their business work.

OR many others who have massive success and yet something still feels missing or unfulfilled from their lives.

So I’m here to lay it all out for you

I am a business coach...and I am here to bring NEW meaning to what it means to be a business coach.

If you wish to create wealth in all aspects of your life, then you have to understand that wealth is an inside job.

The work I do is in ALL things Wealth Through Self.

  • To show that achieving success starts and ends with YOU.

  • To help you restore harmony into your life and reconnect to your inner guide (and quieting up your inner critic).

  • To help you uncover your own unique ways to tap into your creativity and brilliance (without all the force or burnout)

  • To help you create healthy boundaries, have courageous conversations + learn to make decisions out of love, not fear.

  • To help you create generous loving space to work on yourself and rise even further in your business.

SOUL is greater than strategy

This is not just the work I teach.

But the work that I live by.

So i guess you can say that I have a strategy.

It is the REAL, deep and intentional work strategy.

I am here for that.

To help YOU see yourself the way I see you.

Powerful. Capable. And worthy AF.


Your Biz Coach Lexi


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