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Client Success


Embodiment + EFT Coach

From fear, scarcity and lack to feeling abundant and genuine enjoyment of her business journey.


"I think without this, I honestly just feel like I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now with all the realizations, the triggers, the conversations, the coaching, the guiding. And I think that was really important for me and anyone who wants to create a business where they’re genuinely happy and joyful with what they’re doing."


Career Coach

From $60 random sessions and money blocks to signing 14 clients and creating $14,726 in 6 months.


"I had so much anxiety around even thinking about raising my prices… and just so many money blocks. I was able to really focus my efforts on aligning with my prices and now I really just do feel so aligned with my prices, I’m just like ‘hell yea this is what I’m charging and I can’t wait to raise them even more!’"


Senior Vice President + National Account Executive at Fidelity National Title

From resistance around being her ultimate successful self to finding the full understanding of her own inherent value. 


"It started with the work I did with you… No more hard shell, instead I’m a fully integrated being… I know my chosen career right now is serving my personal development and my personal development is serving my career and thats a really special alignment. My career is always going to be important to me so I'm really excited and happy about that."


Women's Empowerment Coach

From offering her 3 month group coaching program for $111 to making over $10k or $3,389/mo in 3 months.


"When I hired Lexi my business literally took off because Lexi provided me with such high level support… I’ve had some of the biggest pay months that I’ve ever experienced. I signed 12 clients in my first 4 months of coaching... The biggest result is that I get to now do less in my business while just showing up more as myself and that’s been absolutely huge for me."

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