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Work with Me

1:1 Private Coaching

You're ready to grow and connect more deeply with the genuine parts of you that you've been neglecting for so long. You're tired of diminishing your true self because it only ever leaves you feeling uninspired and empty. You're longing for freedom to have an equally abundant life and career. To show what IS possible if you have the belief that anything is. Let's take you from feeling stuck in survival mode and bring you into a true state of harmony so you can work/ run your business with ease!

Meditation/ Sound Healing Sessions

"Healing work is a lesson in surrender."
-Shanila Sattar

You're ready to release your hold on the things you cannot control. To move away from forcing things to work or happen and into allowing space for everything to fall into place. To create that inner stillness by re-balancing the mind, heart, spirit and body back into its natural harmonious state through sound frequencies and vibration that results in better focus, clarity, productivity, and overall well-being.

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